For Educators

Writing is a great way for me to connect with you, teachers, family childcare providers, directors, principals, and teacher educators. You do such an important job every day and I want to support you! It is an honor to have you as readers.

My goal is to make information about early childhood education easy to follow in your busy life. In my books, you will find research based information with practical advice, simple strategies, planning tools, and many reproducible handouts and checklists.

Evaluating and Supporting Early Childhood Teachers is your resource for quality in education. You will find strategies, techniques, and tools to evaluate and support teachers in ways that enable them to do their best work.

Is Everybody Ready for Kindergarten? helps you plan and coordinate a successful transition to kindergarten for children and families. You will find all the tools to be ready yourself.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten gives you an easy to read booklet to explain school readiness to families. It is ideal for parent conferences or workshops.

I’m Going to Kindergarten! is a ready-made fun tool for children and parents. A great graduation present from your program, or a fundraising item that families will love. Four lesson plan ideas are included for family events.

Dual Language Learners Birth to Grade 3, Strategies for Teaching English will help you find best ways to teach immigrant children in your program. I believe in teaching English to children as well as in honoring their home language, and supporting their families. You will be able to make a plan that works for your situation, and implement the ideas immediately.